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SMC is pleased to offers all graduates an SMC alumni email account ending in, hosted by Google.

Whether you’re a passionate Gael who wants to share your SMC pride, a new grad who wants to keep your alma mater visible to perspective employers and help you stand out, or a professional who wants to leverage SMC’s distinct reputation, we’ve got you covered. Sign up today and make your SMC connection work for you!

Advantages of Alumni Google Accounts

  • Unlimited email storage
  • 25MB attachment limit
  • Free
  • Easily access your email, contacts, and calendar from anywhere
  • Stay organized via Google Apps
  • Auto-forwarding to your preferred email inbox
  • No advertising
  • Powerful spam & virus protection
  • Use Google Hangouts for audio and video chats, application sharing, file transfers, and more
  • The ability to access, share, and collaborate through Google Drive

Important Facts to Consider

  • Since alumni do not have active MySMC ID’s, they cannot use MySMC passwords to sign in to Google Apps. A unique password will be provided when the account is created.
  • Data will not be migrated into the system from existing email accounts. Emails needed from an existing account will need to be manually forwarded to your new Google account, saved as a PDF, or backed up in some other secure location (e.g. external hard drive, burned to CD or DVD, etc.). Click HERE (Requires MySMC Login) for instructions on how to back up your account.
  • Only those individuals marked as having earned a graduated status on their Saint Mary’s academic record will be eligible for an Alumni E-Mail account.

How do I sign up for an SMC Alumni E-Mail account:

Click the “Setup My Account” button below and agree to the SMC Alumni Email Terms of Service, and then click “Yes” for “I have read and accepted the SMC Alumni Email Terms of Service.”

Please note: You’ll need to indicate a secondary email address to use for password recovery assistance.

Additional Questions?

Since SMC Alumni Email is hosted by Google, common questions and answers are available online in the Gmail Help Center. For further assistance, email us your question at Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. 

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